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Marmma Yogi is a holistic Healthcare center, situated in the banks of river Thodupuzha, the gateway to the high ranges of Kerala. We provide a unique blend of Ayurveda, Marma and Yoga in the healing by addressing the holistic concept of human body-Physical, Mental, Energy, Intelluctual and emotional levels.

Marmmayogi owns a century old  tradition in the field of Ayurveda, Marma and Kalari ( traditional Kerala  Martial arts and a system of marmma thearpy).The traditional know how about the various techniques and therapies in wellness combined with present day experiences ensures a best solution to ailments. The river side ambience, serene and calm surroundings, homely atmosphere and gentle and friendly staff provides an amble feeling for soothing the mind, body and soul. Traditional Ayurveda Treatment Center at Kerala

We provide effective treatments for Musculo-skeletal diseases (low back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder etc), Neurological disorders and skin problems.  Life style disorders are addressed specifically by regulating life regimens along with treatments.

The team of specialized doctors and therapists ensures you the best service and solution for your ailments.

Major Therapies Marmma Yogi Traditional Ayurveda Treatment Center at Kerala

  1. Detoxification and Rejuvenation therapy

The fast and busy nature of present day life results in the accumulation of large amount of metabolic toxins in our body, which causes general aches and discomforts. The detoxification process which includes therapies like udwardhanam,kizhi,pizhichil,sirodhara,vamanam,virechanam,nasyam  etc cleanses your body  of all accumulated metabolic toxins and re-balance the doshas. Traditional Ayurveda Treatment Center at Kerala

Rejuvenation therapy which aims at giving a new energy by re-vitalizing and strengthening the tissues. The process which includes, Pizhichil, Njavara,shirodhara etc helps in improving the immunity ,relives of stress, and thus results in the improvement of general health. Traditional Ayurveda Treatment Center at Kerala   Traditional Ayurveda Treatment Center at Kera

  1.  De Stress Therapy

In the modern day life stress has become essential for survival. The fast nature of life leaves everyone struggles to meet the demands of various aspects in life- financial, work, personal relations…etc. Sometimes it can be an inspirational factor but too much stress can cause health hazards-physically, mentally and emotionally.

Ayurveda takes a total approach in the management of stress by healing it physically and mentally. MarmmaYogi’s specially  designed de stress package which includes special massages,ksheeradhara,yoga,pranayama etc  helps to calm your body, mind and soul.   Traditional Ayurveda Treatment Center at Kerala

  1. Back and Neck Care

According to ayurveda the neck and back pain occur due to vitiation of vatha.We are providing a special  back and neck care programme which is mainly focused on strengthing and nourishing the muscle and bone tissues through traditional ayurvedic treatments, with internal medications, yoga and physiotherapy.

  1. Joint care

Since accumulation of ama and aggravation of vata are the most common factors involved in joint ailments, elimination of ama and reduction of vata are the significant aspects of Joint Care. Marmmayogi’s holistic approach in Joint care comprises dietary regulations, lifestyle management, medications and  therapies for eliminating toxins and balancing the doshas. Procedures including kizhi,pizhichil,njavara etc  helps to eliminate toxins and   strengthen the joints and reduce the degeneration.

  1. Skin Care

Skin Care treatments start with the identification of skin type as per the    dosha. Athough the holistic management of health problems in ayurveda comprises the three fold scientific approach towards diseases through diet, lifestyle and medicine, the treatment modalities and medicines depend on the type of skin

  1. Weight reduction Therapy

Weight loss programme includes variety of massage, swedana therapy, internal medications, life style changes and dietary regulations Marmma Yogi Traditional Ayurveda Treatment Center at Kerala

  1.  Ayurveda Yoga Therapy

Marmmayogi’s Ayurveda Yoga Therapy gives equal emphasize to Ayurveda therapies and Yogic practices and kriyas.Yoga is considered as the union of individual consciousness with universal consciousness.This therapy helps one to identify oneself and the eternal force. Personalized Yoga and Meditation classes are included.


  • Family atmosphere   Traditional Ayurveda Treatment Center at Kerala
  • Personalized care   Traditional Ayurveda Treatment Center at Kerala
  • Prakruthi identification and treatments and diet based on it   Traditional Ayurveda Treatment Center at Kerala
  • Serene and calm Surroundings   Traditional Ayurveda Treatment Center at Kerala
  • AC Accommodation Traditional Ayurveda Treatment Center at Keral


A] Standard Room –Non AC-Single Occupancy

21 days  ₹ 1,30,100.00
15 days  ₹ 93,700.00
7 days  ₹ 42,700.00
2 days  ₹ 12,200.00

B] Standard Room –Non AC-Double Occupancy

21 days  ₹ 2,23,800.00
15 days  ₹ 1,60,000.00
7 days  ₹ 74,600.00
2 days  ₹ 21,314.00

C] AC Room-Single Occupancy

21 days  ₹ 1,38,600.00
15 days  ₹ 99,200.00
7 days  ₹ 46200.00
2 days  ₹ 13,200.00

D] AC Room Double Occupancy

21 days  ₹ 2,31,600.00
15 days  ₹ 1,65,400.00
7 days  ₹ 77,200.00
2 days  ₹ 22,056.00

  Inclusions and Exclusions

  • Body Treatment(1 hour),
  • Head Treatment (30 minutes)
  •  Yoga ( 1 hour)
  • Internal medicines during the stay.
  • Room rent
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner, ( strictly vegetarian).
  •  Transportation (to and from airport)
  • Medical Astrology
  • Discharge Internal medicines

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